PartPro350 xBC

Ultra productivity with high-speed page-wide printing technology

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Full-Color Binder Jetting

Thanks to the Binder Jetting Technology, PartPro350 xBC offers full-color printing object in one process by integrating all steps of curing, coloring and 3D stacking at once with CMY three-color ink and transparent binder.High color resolution (1600 dpi) makes printouts fully presented in detail.

Removable Build Tray Module

for High Productivity

PartPro350 xBC comes with the removable build tray module to allow users print efficiently. Users can replace a new build tray directly into the machine to start a new print immediately, meanwhile, they also can clean off the prints just completed. Also, the removable print tray provides a cleaner solution for powder removal and a more efficient method for printing.

Instant printing with advanced

slicing software – BCPware

BCPware is dedicated to slice your drawing effectively with two modes to print flexibly. The two modes are including instant slicing and printing, or slicing first then printing later.

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