Ultimaker 3 & Ultimaker 3 Extended

Professional 3D printing made accessible

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Discover the easy-to-use desktop 3D printer with a large build volume that delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts, time and again. With simple setup, high uptime, and reliable dual extrusion, Ultimaker 3 is the complete professional 3D printing solution.

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A build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches) gives even more freedom to realize your designs or print multiple parts in one go, so you can meet demand with maximum efficiency, while fitting comfortably on your desk.

Active bed leveling ensures a perfect first layer, a closed front controls airflow, and a filament flow sensor will pause your print and notify you if you run out of material. Trust the S5 to do its job while you do yours.

A 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) touch display makes operating the 3D printer effortless, displaying visual guides to explain configuration changes and maintenance, plus a visual preview of your print.

With Ultimaker’s unique print core design, swap nozzles in seconds to switch between build and support materials, or choose from 0.8, 0.4, or 0.25 mm print cores for fast or detailed prints.

The Ultimaker S5 auto-detects material and print core configuration, while over-the-air firmware upgrades make adding the latest features simple. Print over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or from a USB stick, and monitor progress via the built-in camera.

Technische kunststoffen, voor ieder project

De Ultimaker S5 heeft een ‘Open Systeem’ voor materialen. Technische plastics hebben een goede afstelling nodig, om het maximale te halen uit uw 3D-printer. Ultimaker heeft haar eigen materialen ontwikkeld en afgesteld, zodat deze perfect draaien op uw machine, keer-op-keer.

Abrasion-resistant and durable

Our Nylon is strong, abrasion-resistant, durable and engineered for flexibility and low moisture sensitivity.

Fast and easy to print

Excellent surface quality and detail, with consistent, reliable results. PLA is a great choice for visual prototypes.

Tough PLA
Extra durability and flexibility

Tough like ABS and as easy to print as regular PLA, Tough PLA is ideal for printing technical models at larger sizes.

Tough and durable

ABS is impact resistant, dimensionally stable and handles temperatures up to 85 ºC, which makes it a good choice for mechanical parts.

CPE family
Chemical resistant and tough

CPE materials are chemical resistant, tough, and dimensionally stable. CPE+ handles temperatures up to 100 ºC.

Water soluble

Our PVA is a water-soluble support material designed to print complex geometries in dual extrusion with PLA, CPE, and Nylon.

Strong, tough and heat resistant

PC offers a great print quality, temperature resistance of up to 110 ºC, good mechanical strength and toughness.

Wear and tear resistant

With a Shore-A hardness of 95 and elongation of up to 580% at break, our TPU is semi-flexible, durable, and chemical resistant.

Fatigue and chemical-resistant

Ultimaker PP offers excellent temperature, chemical, and fatigue resistance. Its toughness and low friction make it a perfect choice for prototyping and creating durable end-use models.

Removable supports

Ultimaker Breakaway is a support material that can be quickly removed by hand without the need for further post-processing, giving dimensional accuracy and a quality surface finish.

Welk materiaal heb ik nodig?

Onze experts helpen u graag bij het kiezen van het juiste materiaal.

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